All about presbyopia

All about presbyopia

06/20/2018 16:52:18 Did you know?

In 2017, there were approximately 1.04 billion people with presbyopia globally. That's why it's crucial to find tailored solutions with our new lifestyles, ever more online and on-the-go. Reading glasses are logically the best help for presbyopic person in their daily life. They allow to better see and to better look too!


Working on screens, intense sun light exposure, family health history and the age are all near vision issues factors. According to a Planetoscope study, around 700 000 new person a year become presbyopic in France or 1600 more each day! These data highlight crucial issues of presbyopia and their related needs.

Today’s challenge for all person with presbyopia is to find quickly and easily affordable and high quality reading glasses. This solution is both practical and economical. In case of breakage or loss, reading glasses are very easy to replace.



Presbyopia, a natural aging of the eye

Nowadays, vision tests take several factors into account: visual acuity, field of view, depth perception, contrast perception, color perception… Among most common visual problems (myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia…), presbyopia is the normal loss of near focusing ability after age 45. Then, the capacity of near vision decreases gradually. This is a natural evolution of the sight explained by the aging of the crystalline lens, losing its elasticity and making the eye accommodation more difficult.


A quick explanation of presbytia by the American Academy of Ophthalmology


Several indicators can highlight presbyopia:

- Having headaches, eyestrain or fatigue after reading

- Having blurred vision while reading, sewing or using a smartphone

- Needing to hold reading material at an arm's distance to focus properly on it

- Needing brighter lightning when doing close work

If you feel these symptoms, you probably have presbyopia. Don’t panic, there are solutions available for you!

How to correct presbyopia?

Unlike expensive progressive glasses, reading glasses are an alternative solution that are cheap and easy to replace. They have unifocal lenses and they allow person with presbyopia to enjoy their readings again.

You need to know your correction before choosing which reading glasses you want. We created the following near vision test to help you with that:


(Click on the image above to open a printable reading test)


In case of any doubt, you should visit an ophthalmologist/eye doctor. You will know your visual acuity and the correction you need accurately.

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Between originality and innovation, Read Loop’s idea was to transform a must into a fashion accessory. Either vintage glasses (Legende or Tradition), modern glasses (Clan or Manta) or asymmetrical glasses (Patchwork or Toukan), find the glasses that are right for you.

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