How to choose your glasses?

How to choose your glasses?

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Choose the right glasses is a difficult task. Follow our expert advice and take care of your style and your visual comfort as well.


Glasses are made to highlight both your physical assets and your personality. They are a fashion accessory that follows you in your daily life. This is crucial to know how to choose them well. Either for you or for a gift, we are helping you to find the best eyewear frames.



Step 1: The shape of your face


First of all, you need to define the shape of your face. Glasses frames has to fit your facial features. In order to help you identify them, you can pull back your hair to see the contours of your face. Your eyes need to be in the center of the lenses. Last but not least, the line of your eyebrows should be at the edge of the top of the glasses.


- If your face is oval, you can choose round or oval frames that will highlight the shape of your face. Rectangular glasses are also a very good choice.


- Round faces are particularly enhanced by big rectangular or square frames. 


- For rectangular faces, we strongly recommend you... rectangular frames! Some round models may fit as well. 


- If your shape is diamond-shaped, "cat eyes" and "panthos" frames will look very good on you. The main characteristic of this shape is rising curves at each end. Round frames are also recommended.


- For square-shaped faces, glasses with geometric shapes are perfect. On the other hand, round or "panthos" glasses will soften the shape of your face. Choose according to your desires.


- Do you have a face with an inverted triangular shape? You need to choose glasses with round edges to highlight your face. 


Discover Read Loop glasses that will fit your face with the following chart:


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Step 2: Glasses colors


It's essential to choose colors that match your skin tone, your hair and your eyes. They should lighten your face while giving you a good look.


For example, dark colors are suitable for a clear skin. For matte or tanned skins, bright and flashy colors will look very good. The warm colors will harmonise well with fair hair, brunette hair or red hair. For grey hair or black/white hair, cool tones will bring softness to your face. Finally, either for dark brown and dark hair, do not hesitate to diversify frames colors.


Don't forget your style. Choose glasses that reflects your personality and your tastes!



Step 3: Your everyday needs


This is crucial to buy glasses that fit your daily life needs.


If you have presbyopia and you have difficulties to read, Read Loop designed an unique reading glasses collection called Read Loop Comfort. Choose among 13 models which are avalaible in several colors and patterns.


You don't need glasses with corrective lenses but you are spending a long time in front of screens? You must protect your eyes from blue light thanks to our Read Loop Digital computer glasses collection. Their lenses will filter blue light and avoid the negatives effects on your health: eye strain, headaches...


During summer season, your eyes are put to a severe test. This is crucial to wear sunglasses that are more than a trendy fashion accessory. They should filter UV-A and UV-B rays. With Read Loop Sunrise sunglasses collection, choose stylish and comfortable glasses with category 3 lenses.


On the road, your eyes are your most precious allies. That's why you need to wear driving glasses made for drivers and motorists. Read Loop Drive driving glasses will reduce glare through an anti-reflective treatment on the front and back. Try them is adopting them!



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