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The range Read Loop Comfort was the very first one. Reading glasses are Read Loop's core business, they were designed and manufactured according to the standards and the finish of a real collection of prescription glasses.

With the asymmetrical Patchwork style, Read Loop started very soon to head for an offer of uncommon glasses highlighting more than ever the personality of the people wearing them. That design was praised in France and worldwide. Its originality draws attention and prompts alternate and various emotions: surprise, admiration, hilarity...

The whole Read Loop Comfort collection offers a various choice of magnifying glasses. From glasses with a vintage style (Légende, Tradition) to more modern glasses (Clan, Hurricane) and uncommon designs (Toukan, Patchwork), Read Loop creations suit a wide range of people with different personalities.

Far from being a constraint, wearing reading glasses becomes a pleasure for oneself as much as for those around you. Our customers don't have to hide their long-sightedness: they affirm it! A genuine act of resistance and self-assertion, Read Loop glasses are much more than a mere reading tool. They have become a trendy fashion accessory like any other.

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After the creation and the commercialization of their historical range, the Read Loop founders decided to offer a range of sunglasses taking over the same features and style as their reading glasses.

It is now recognized that sunbeams represent a risk for the eyes. A direct and prolonged exposure can damage the retina, the iris and the cornea more or less seriously. In order to prevent those risks and to protect oneself efficiently, we have been developing the Read Loop Sunrise collection.

Equipped with category-3 sun lenses, the Read Loop Sunrise glasses allow an eye protection in any sunny environment: on the beach, on ski slopes, in the desert... They screen between 83% and 92 % of sunlight while reducing dazzling greatly as well.

The lenses also provide protection against UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays cause photoageing, pigmentation disorders and sometimes skin cancer; UVB rays cause suntrokes. Thanks to lens treatments, these harmful rays are screened before they hit the eyes with irredeemable effects.

The Read Loop sunglasses range offers both corrective and clear lens glasses. These real tinted reading glasses will allow the long-sighted to enjoy their summer books while taking care of their eyes. In the sunshine, your eyes will remain in the shade!

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From smartphones to laptops and from tablets to smart tv, the daily use of screens has been increasing in the last few years. Whether it is to study, to work or for leisure activities, these new habits have prompted the outbreak of health issues related to an inordinate use of screens combined with a prolonged exposure to blue light.

Indeed, according to a recent survey carried out by INSERM (Health and Medical Research National Institute) LEDs have appeared to be harmful for the retina. They produce blue light and can thus cause Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). According to INSERM, "the light produced by LEDs cause two simultaneous harmful phenomena: apoptosis and another form of cell death called necrosis. And while necrosing, a cell harms the cells around".

From 2010, the ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environment and Work-related Health Security) was already talking about retina toxic stress caused by blue light. Blue light rays are located between 415 and 455 nanometers, their harmful effects go from headaches to eye ageing and circadian rhythm disorders. The young are more hit by these symptoms because of their intensive use of screens all day long while their retina is still developing.

In order to prevent these risks, there are ways to protect your eyes during short or long periods of exposure to screens. That's why Read Loop has developed the Read Loop Digital range: anti blue light protection glasses.

The Read Loop Digital lenses have been treated front and back with magnesium fluoride so as to limit the quantity of HEV light hitting the eye. People wearing glasses can thus avert the outbreak of symptoms in the short term and protect themselves against long-term damages caused by blue light. Aimed at customers expecting high stantards, Read Loop protection glasses are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, while efficiently protecting their eyes.

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