A French design

Design is hope, poetry and joy. It carries an idea of change and the vision of a better world. Beyond aesthetic, design has to give more freedom. It is an opening, a breath of fresh air and it thrives on constraints. For the Read Loop collection, there were many constraints: industrial, commercial, legal...

Reading glasses designed in Paris

For more than 20 years, Eric Saadoun, Read Loop co-founder, has designed made-to-measure in the heart of Paris, for clients expecting high standards. He got started on a new challenge with hunger: creating a collection of a new kind of reading glasses... More fun, more assertive, more lively. A fashion accessory that simplifies the transition to long-sightedness.

Because design is above all the sum of little details, we wanted to get to the bottom of things. So why just make frames? All our glasses are sold with their protection case. A modern, convenient and smart case, in the Read Loop style.

After all, who said reading glasses should look like reading glasses? Not us, for sure.