Online payment

The Products are provided at the current rates listed on, upon registration of the order by the Seller.

Prices are in Euros, excluding VAT and all taxes included.

The tariffs take account of possible reductions that would be granted by the Seller on the website.

These rates are firm and non-revisable during their validity period.

The prices do not include the processing, shipping, transport and delivery costs, which are invoiced in addition, under the conditions indicated on the site and calculated before the order is placed.

The payment requested from the Customer is the total amount of the purchase, including these charges. An invoice is established by the Seller and delivered to the Customer upon delivery of the Products ordered.

The price is paid by means of secure payment, according to the following modalities: payment by credit card or payment via Paypal.

The price is payable in cash by the Customer, in full on the day of placing the order.

The payment data is exchanged in encrypted mode thanks to the protocol defined by the authorized payment service provider for the banking transactions carried out on the site. Payments made by the Customer will be considered as final only after actual collection of the sums owed by the Seller.

The Seller will not be obliged to proceed with the delivery of the Products ordered by the Customer if the latter does not pay the price to him in full under the conditions indicated above.

Credit card

For maximum security, we use the "SystemPay" secure payment platform of the Banque Populaire bank.

Securing is done via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which is currently the most reliable and most widespread on the Internet.

Your credit card number and expiry date are always encrypted and never circulate in the clear on the network.

Credit cards, VISA, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.

Paiement par Carte banquaire


To protect you from bank fraud, Paypal uses the best encryption methods available on the market. In the event of a problem, your eligible purchases can be reimbursed by the Purchasing Protection. And if your purchase does not please you, Paypal can also refund your return costs.

With PayPal, you no longer need to enter your card information for each of your purchases. And you can activate One TouchTM to pay even faster. Also send money to your loved ones for free * and in seconds.

Paiement par Paypal