New colors for our Read Loop Digital computer glasses

New colors for our Read Loop Digital computer glasses

04/05/2019 10:28:47 News , News of the brand

Following the release of our 2019 eyewear collections, we wanted to announce the addition of new choices among our Read Loop Digital computer glasses range. Now available in exclusivity on our eshop!


These past years, screens have become ubiquitous in our daily life (smartphones, tablets, computer screens…). Either at work or at home, to work with or to have fun, they follow us everywhere to do almost everything. Several scientific studies highlight blue light negative health impacts: headaches, eye aging, sleep disorder…



We have to find solutions to prevent and to counter these harms of blue light. In view of theses findings, Read Loop created computer glasses that filter harmful rays emitted by screens.


Read Loop Digital : blue light blocker glasses dedicated to your well-being

Eric and Laurent, founders of Read Loop brand, wanted to offer blue light blocker glasses with technical and aesthetic excellent qualities. Their idea leads to Read Loop Digital eyewear collection. Their lenses are made to filter rays between 380 and 500 nanometers, commonly called blue light.



Following previous Read Loop collections, these computer glasses combine design and comfort thanks to their injected polycarbonate frames and their flex hinges. Either at home or on the go, they contribute to your daily well-being.


With the same goal in mind, we are proud to offer new colors for our bestseller Tradition computer glasses without correction. Get them in exclusivity on our website!


8 new colors for Tradition computer glasses without correction

Discover our Read Loop Digital Tradition glasses, now available in eight new colors:


Computer glasses Tradition - Wood effect


Computer glasses Tradition - Black


Computer glasses Tradition - Yellow tortoise


Computer glasses Tradition - Green jade


Computer glasses Tradition - Honey


Computer glasses Tradition - Red


Computer glasses Tradition - Electric blue


Computer glasses Tradition - Zebra matt


Tradition glasses are a perfect companion during your work day at the office or at school. Their pantos shape adds an original and a vintage touch. Choose among 11 colors available according to your mood and to your desires.


... at a comfortable price!

On this occasion, all Read Loop Digital glasses cost now only €38. It’s time to go for it for you… or for your family and your friends!


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