The Read Loop Adventure

Read Loop was born from two characters who, at least at first sight, are diametrically opposed. However, Eric and Laurent make up a unique and complementary pair. 

The meeting between two compatible professionals

The story begins very far from France. While on holiday, the two future Read Loop co-founders start to talk about a problem they have noticed in their everyday life: magnifying glasses sold in pharmacies are not aesthetically pleasing and of bad quality. Because of that poor offer, the long-sighted had to wear accessories they did not like.

On that basis, Eric and Laurent decided to start their project: offering original reading glasses of good quality.

The beginning of a human adventure

For more than two years, they imagined, drew and then designed unusual glasses for the long-sighted, with a large variety of shapes and colours. Using the codes of the design and the finish of a real collection of corrective glasses, the Read Loop Comfort range was eventually marketed in 2014, first in France and then worldwide.

Eric and Laurent then created a collection of sunglasses called Read Loop Sunrise and a collection of anti-blue light computer glasses called Read Loop Digital.