Complementary founders

Eric Saadoun
Optician (state-registered), Read Loop co-founder

His professional career began in 1989 in the Californian sun. Guess where his taste for design comes from!

After a couple of years there, Eric came back to France and settled in the heart of Paris. Since then, he has been designing made-to-measure glasses frames for customers expecting high standards.

With much hunger, he invented a collection of magnifying glasses, considered as a real fashion accessory which turns the transition to long-sightedness into something positive.

Laurent Amar
Business owner, Read Loop co-founder

"Bringing the world of optical industry and the world of pharmacy back together". That's the challenge this globe-trotter is able to take up, because his career has taken him from one to the other.

In-between he worked for the international commercial development of a large computing company.

That's when he had the idea of creating a collection of magnifying glasses, on the occasion of a stopover in Atlanta: he had forgotten his glasses in the aircraft and he had to find new ones quickly.