Focus on: the bright side of sunglasses

Focus on: the bright side of sunglasses

05/09/2018 16:41:42 Did you know?

Summer is coming! Get ready for sunny days by getting sunglasses which offer a stylish look and high sun protection.


According to a recent GfK study for the international optical fair SILMO, 80% of the Europeans wear sunglasses for their outdoor activities and 43% for driving. Beyond visual comfort, sunglasses are coming back as a popular fashion accessory for everyone.



Sunglasses are protecting your eyes from UV rays


There are three types of sun rays which are naturally emit by the sun: UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The UVA rays are not visible to the naked eye but are very harmful because it penetrates deep into the skin. The most common are the UVB rays that we are exposed during our daily life. Finally, the UVC rays are not dangerous to us because they are automatically filtered by the ozone layer.


That’s why it’s crucial to protect yourself from the sun for your pupil. Despite the fact that the pupil contracts in bright light, it doesn’t limit the risk of burning your eyes. If you’re often exposed to the sun, It is essential to protect yourself with high-quality sunglasses which covering all the contour of your eyes.




How to choose your sunglasses for the summer time?

- Depending on the lens category

You should choose a sun protection adapted to your eyes to protect effectively from the sun. There are five types - from 0 to 4 - depending to their capability to filter the sun rays.


Category 0 lenses are clear or slightly tinted. They are especially made for a purely esthetic comfort since they only filter 0 to 19% of the sun's rays. It is not suitable at all for exposure to the bright light.


Category 1 lenses filter 20 to 57% the sun light. This type of lenses is recommended for reduced sunlight situations, when the weather is overcast.


Category 2 lenses are moderately tinted and filter 58 to 82% of UV rays. They are adapted to a light of moderate intensity.


Category 3 lenses are ideal for most sunshine situations. They filter up to 92% of solar radiation and offer you a 100% UVA and UVB protection for all your sunny getaways (relaxing on the terrace, urban errands, mountain or beach holidays...).


WARNING: Theses lenses are forbidden to drive with. Their maximum protective coating alters vision and color perception.



- Depending on your everyday needs

For your visual comfort, sunglasses exist with or without correction to meet any type of need.


If you only want to protect your eyes from the sun because you’re not concerned by visual acuity problems, you need "plan" models (without correction). In addition to complete your outfit, they will rest your eyes from glare.


On the other hand, for all the presbyopic people affected by the natural ageing of the eye, the solar frames are perfectly suitable to your sight.You can enjoy the beautiful days while remaining protected!




Read Loop Sunrise: the sunglasses that you need!

Read Loop Sunrise stylish sunglasses collection offer high quality UV-A and UV-B eye protection thanks to their category 3 lenses. They are available with correction (from +1.00 to + 3.50) for presbyopic people and without correction. The lenses' color is carefully made to improve contrasts and to stabilize brightness. This limit significantly the risk of eyestrain.


We offer Read Loop Sunrise Mirror sunglasses too with mirrored lenses. These frames will get you noticed at the beach or on the terrace!


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